This is the demonstrations gateway page!                                                        

Each demonstration has been assigned three or more "key concepts."  Since any one of these "key concepts" may appear in more than one demonstration, the key concepts have been used to cross-index all 50 demonstrations under some 79 different "key concepts."  

In turn all the key concepts have been organized into three major categories:  (I) General Concepts, (II) Physical Concepts, and (III) Chemical Reaction Concepts.        

            I.        General Concepts

                        A.    Types of Compounds

                        B.    Types of Change

                        C.    Odds and Ends

            II.        Physical Concepts

                        A.    General Physical Phenomena

                        B.    Methods of Purification

                        C.    Energy 

                        D.    Atomic Phenomena

            III.        Chemical Reaction Concepts

                        A.    Classification of Chemical Reactions

                        B.    Solution Chemistry

                        C.    Miscellaneous Concepts Relating to Chemical Reactions

Finally, each category (A, B, C, etc) leads to the individual demonstration pages.

You should preferably stay within each category (designated by a roman numeral) until you are finished with it, then move to another category.

Of course, there is no need to remember all of this.  Just follow the hyperlinks to their respective destinations!